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Piumini e Cappotti Bambino

“Vestiamo il bambino con la stessa qualità dell’adulto, perché pensiamo che sui figli non si risparmia…”


Nowadays it is true: having children can be expensive because they can destroy everything!
But it’s also true that quality of garments 40 years was so durable that you could pass a jacket or a coat from one sibling to another. This is not possible anymore because of cheaper and lower quality products that cannot survive to the second generation.
Is it really safe?

Is dressing our children with highly flammable or non-breathable polyester sweatshirts really the direction of the current market?

Ak Europe aims to produce quality articles: breathable like the real down and warm interiors wool blend for the most prestigious brands.
We offer our clients the best quality materials, always paying attention to the measures, while respecting the European laws for children’s products: less dyes and natural accessories and avoiding the use of sharp-edged or ingestible objects.

Because children are our FUTURE!