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“You can’t judge a book by its cover…”

Men have a very different conception of fashion than women: it’s not easy to convince a man to “change”, and just as difficult for him to buy something new.

We see that men normally don’t follow fashion trends as women do: when a man chooses a brand, he forms bond and commitment that lasts far longer than any fashion trend could.
Men choose and wear the brands that provide the best value; being of good quality and durable through the years so they don’t have to change clothing frequently. Many men cannot imagine anything worse than having to waste their precious time every year to search for new brands to satisfy their needs.

It’s difficult for the companies that make classical garments to deviate and create fresh and truly unique products. Consequently, the consideration of unique materials, accessories and fabrics, becomes very important for a man who is always looking for something more “technical” and “innovative”.
The union between the classic style and modern utility, also from the sports field can reach often this result: the water proved zipper with rubber coated, the warm wool fabrics and the hidden pockets inside the garment, are the convincing elements of the winning products.

For younger customers, the products will be trendier, striking, and showy, utilizing new and cutting-edge technical fabrics.

In addition to down jackets for men, we also develop coats with 100% wool, wool blends, cashmere with included handmade finishes: and special features of the past that are currently returning to popularity.
Moreover, if there is a demand, we are also able to produce semi-elegant and deconstructed jackets using the same materials.

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