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The latest news about Textile Technology



Technology and Fashion industry always merge together in a solid union able to create new innovative offers in textile field.

This year – together with the Reflective (or Reflex) line – we are glad to introduce you to the latest textile trends which are those fabrics that can change their color in response to the surrounding environment.

Sunlight, heat, UV light and water are now activator elements of the fabrics.


Reflective (or reflex) fabrics reacts to direct light in the dark – the fabric brightes itself completely.
The newest technologies allowed to create holographic reflective fabrics and printings.


The heat reactive textiles are one of the latest trends in textile industry. The special coating used on the fabric reacts under the sunlight and heat sources changing the original color of the fabric.


The water-reactive fabrics change their pattern or color when they come in contact with water. 
A solid color water-reactive fabric manages to apprear a custom pattern on its surface when wet or coloring a solid white printing.


The Glow in the dark special coatings completely metamorpghe during the night – they glow in the dark thanks to the photoluminescent pigments that recharge in the daylight or artificial light.

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