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“The oldest way to protect ourselves from the cold…”

The Fur is a “MUST” in the woman’s collection: real or synthetic, dyed or natural, used on knitted products, it maintains its charm in women’s fashion.
A padded jacket or a knitted garment with fur details become a more essential and elegant product.

In recent years, the dyeing process and production techniques to make fur even softer have made fur more important and accessible in current fashion.

The production for single piece maintains the highest level of quality of these products over time.
Fur is an important element in much of the women’s collection. It supports and encourages the sale of other items which can be sold together.
Sellers in Asian markets and in the north of Europe and in Russia know very well that fur should not be forgotten and to be included into the woman’s collection.

Ak Europe can help to incorporate fur products into the women’s collection; from ecological fur to real fur; up to the highest level of products of Mink and Fox.
Even our imitation products will be produced to the highest standards and quality.

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