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As we all know, denim was born in the mid-nineteenth century as a fabric for work clothes, but after a few decades it became a fabric for casual everyday wear.

Over the years we have continued to search for fabrics and materials with specific characteristics, such as resistance or water repellency, suitable for specific use by reinventing them in everyday clothing, taking advantage of their not only technical but also aesthetic characteristics.

We have seen a lot of Tyvek fabric in recent seasons, back after a few years of absence. Tyvek is a synthetic material similar to paper, difficult to tear but easily cut with scissors or knife. It is also composed of high density polyethylene fibers. The tyvek is used among other things also for overalls, since it is resistant to many acids and bases, breathable but impervious to water, non-toxic and recyclable.


In clothing, its characteristics are often used for outerwear: it makes the jacket resistant, waterproof and windproof, moreover the crumpled texture becomes an aesthetic motif that characterizes the garment making it immediately recognizable.

Another material that derives from the working environment is the retro-reflective fabric, commonly used for work uniforms, gilets and headbands, its purpose is to make visible the person who wears it, as with a beam of light or flash the surface reflects the light beam in the same direction.

It is a film or print applied on a base fabric, this application thanks to the use of thousands of glass nanospheres inserted in the fabric, similar to those used for example in reflective materials, increases its reflecting power.

Over time various designers have inserted these bright bands in their garments to create new and surprising designs and patterns and in recent years even the fabrics have become more and more innovative, playing overlays and patterns, and of surprise effects: a garment that in natural light of the day may seem a trivial jacket with a more direct light beam turns: this in the picture is the same fabric photographed without and with flash


Taking advantage of these characteristics in 2015 Chris Holmes, profession dj, invented a jacket that reflects the light of the flash taking advantage of this principle. He called it Flashback Photobomber Hoodie and is a revolutionary clothing item designed to protect VIPs from flashes of photos taken against their will

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