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Many customers are often undecided between a real down padding and a garment with synthetic fiber, in particular we consider the one called “Fake Down”, (synthetic down, in Polyester fiber)

Let’s analyze the differences between these two products:

– The synthetic feather thanks to the constant research of new fibers and workmanship, if with a good quality, more and more resembles the real feather in the final rendering of a garment.

– The price for the real duck or goose down jacket is certainly much higher than the synthetic feather jacket. At this time the price of real feather is very high, so many companies prefer to go synthetic, even for economic reasons as well as ethical.

– As far as heat is concerned, a real down garment is warmer, but the difference is not as obvious as people usually think, in fact in wet conditions the feather loses some of its properties, while the synthetic feather keeps them unchanged, thus allowing a constant heat that does not vary according to weather conditions.

– Weight: the real feather garment is much lighter. For the comparison we consider that if a jacket is padded with 100 g of real down, it must be filled with at least 200 g of synthetic feather in order to achieve the same effect of fullness, so the larger and more padded will be the garment, greater will be the efficiency of the feather (lighter) than the fake down.

– The image of the company has a great influence on the choice as the trend between the best known and most famous brands is to move away from the use of fur and feather products to meet a more animal-friendly idea.

But many people forget that the fake down comes from the oil and therefore their polluting power is greater, while the feather is a “biological” product that does not create any damage to the environment. So it always depends on the points of view and what is important.

Fair and correct information would give the consumer the opportunity to have correct ethical questions in the environmental-animalist comparison.

A meeting, an overview of the materials and products, can do more than a thousand words written.

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