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 Prototypes, samples, production

Start a new project with us, we can make the first prototypes very fast, using a drawing or one of our bases (more than 400).

This is easy because we cooperate with a lot of suppliers that give us materials they have in stock and ready to use. In this way our customer can see the first prototype already with the materials chose.

We follow the new proposals and new trends in order to offer you a product that is always innovative and avant-garde, from technical fabrics to laser cutting and heat-sealed garments.

Produce with us any kind of outwear: padded jackets, wool coats hand-made, fur and fake fur jackets.

We cooperate also with factories that produce knitwear models with fur details, scarves, gloves, hats and leather accessories.

There is only one way to be really competitive and this is the promptness: first you see the results and first you reach the success.

We help our customers to realize their ideas very fast, but with an accurate service and quality.

The care we put into the realization of the prototypes is the same as the tailoring products of the past.

Stay tuned, the new trends and proposals for Fall Winter 2018/19 will be  revealed soon.

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