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The limitations of textile processing are increasingly demolished by new techniques and technologies.

Fabrics change in performance and are combined with innovative finishes and sustainable dyeing proccesses.

All industry professionals themselves are preparing for this trend and fiber makers are paving the way.

The mood and loyalty of consumer are divided between the intrinsic characteristics of natural yarns and the results achieved by the high-level of synthetic ingredients.

The obvious solution is to combine and consolidate the best of both worlds: providing precision performances and a sense of comfort at the same time.

Here, the high performance of the synthetic fabrics, which provide a perfect comfort regardless of outdoor activity in both conventional and extreme winter sports, are matched with more natural and tactil, but equally functional and comfortable materials.

Fabrics create an irregular atmosphere through prints and textures; it’s a revolution of the old school style: it’s time to get rid of normality and to refuse convenience, especially through prints inspired by metamorphism and the combination of yarns.

Camouflage, melange and opalescence are able to change the expressive appearance through the irregularity of surfaces and density up to optically enigmatic graphics.



A wide range of rich and bright tones makes the FW 18/19 season full of energy and adventure.

The set of natural and synthetic applications, that contrast and collude with each other, makes this season one of the hottest and most colorful.

Pastel and soft colours like pink, light blue and yellow (all rigorously dusty) are contrasted with bright palettes with pure contrappostocolors accompanied by more neutral tones that complete but don’t squeeze the final image.

The monochromie of neutral tones have a great importance, mostly the cold nuances, and the shades of blue, blended with a black and almost spatial image.


The guidelines on which to focus on are wide volumes.

About the outwear, especially the one padded, the focus is given to shoulders and arms that are very large.

Pants are wide and fluffy, and the are often opposed to a short and oversize cropped topwear.

Nepal’s simple and rustic image is embedded in America’s fast-paced technology by creating a traveler-style: stratification, matching, and overlapping of different fabrics to create an unconventional style that sometimes turns into a disguise.

Rich woolen fabrics, like merino, mohair and cashmere are mixed with Mongolia fur and the jersey fabric, live cut.

This eccentric style is in contrast with a more minimalistic and sporty current, with a tendency of cybernetic appearance, made of strictly technical fabrics and simple and clean lines representing the modern man who tends to the progress and future.

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