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Ak Europe and its people have over 50 years of experience in the fashion industry

Mrs Rachel Guan

She is graduated as Textile Engineer in China and graduated in Commerce and Finance at the University of Toronto (Canada).
She attended the Academy of Art of Toronto where she showed a great talent in drawings and painting.
She worked for GAP and Abercrombie & Fitch in Canada.

Passion for fashion and great traveler, she has strong resources in China (as a former  Department Manager in a Foreign Trade Company and later Export Manager for a leading Chinese clothing company at  Shanghai office).

Speaks fluent Chinese, English and now Italian, spending her time between the three continents.

Her main skills are the research of the right materials and fabrics and the relationship directly with the managers of the factories, thanks to the Chinese language and her professional background.

Passionate in cooperation with designer, she is able to identify new trends in order to offer solution to customers.

She follows the client from the beginning and using the modern technology, she can talk and discuss with suppliers directly in order to reduce the response time to client.

Some Chinese companies have chosen her as business representative in Europe to make search or contact.

She collaborates with the “Confucio Institute of Padua” (world structure of the Chinese government that spreads the Chinese language and culture in the world), in partnership with the University of Padua.   

Mr. Davide Massaria

He is graduated in Business Administration at the Ca’Foscari University of Venice.

Since 1995, Mr. Massaria operates throughout China, where he held many management position over the years.

He collected a large network of production platforms: from the production of outwear garments,  coats, fur and knitwear products without considering also some special projects in different fields.

He has been buyer of fur in Canada for Chinese importer and arrange production quality control in garments factories.

He followed the training for the management and production offices, production procedures and cost analysis.

He offered also his knowledge to solve commercial problems between Italian and Chinese companies and develop relations and commercial projects between Chinese and foreign countries.

He offered his consulting service for Italian companies working in China and also to Chinese companies working in Italy.

Current and potential clients

Our clients come from very different realities and Ak Europe offers them different working and operating solutions:


The "Brand" clients

who build, together with Ak Europe, collections that appear in the best fashion fairs in the world, for which there is an extensive research for the highest quality materials.

Large Retailers

that require a special research of fabrics and products that help them to be competitive in an increasingly globalized world. Ak Europe arrange production packages (even off-season) to get deal with factories, maintaining high quality standards.

The fashion designers' studios

that maintain excellent relations with Ak Europe for the development of new fashion projects, new collections and new products.

The only thing never change is always the production quality, capacity for dialogue and the great willingness to find best solutions to satisfy our customers

For more information and to know more about our staff:

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