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Thanks to the new processes, the trend leads us to a technical, practical and technological clothing, at the service of a dynamic life, which meets the different needs at all times of the day.

Among the many new techniques of fabric processing we find the possibility to quilt the fabrics for the production of jackets no longer with the classic method of sewing, but through heat-sealing.

The fabric is produced in two layers, with hot pre-welded seams, of different types and sizes, in addition to the different welding width from 1 cm to 1 single welding wire reaching the millimeter.

These seamless fabrics have several advantages thanks to their processing:

first of all, the possibility of padding any type of fabric, even the lighter ones which, if quilted before, would not have held the seam and would have plucked, to this is added the processing speed, since the passage of machine quilting is eliminated at the start.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is the possibility of making different designs and personalizing the garment according to one’s taste.

The limits of textile processing are increasingly being demolished by new techniques and technologies. Fabrics change, increasing performance and are combined with innovative finishes and increasingly sophisticated dyeing and finishing processes.

A meeting, an overview of the materials and products, can do more than a thousand words written.