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Seamless Jackets
A success in Asia… and what about Europe?

The “SEAMLESS” method (that means without seams) is one of the greatest innovation in the fashion world, which is often void of such technological.

This method is already utilized very heavily in Asia but has yet to become popular in Europe.

Seamless jackets are products with quilting, but without seams.

The fabric is produced in two layers, with a heated sealed, in different types and size, in addition to the different width of the welding from 1 cm to 1 only welding wire coming to the millimeter.

Ak Europe had developed with its supplier the possibility to use different kinds of fabrics, also in contrast colors or with heat sealed “black and rubbered” in order to reach the “super-technical” effect.

What are the advantages?


Feathers will not leak from the quilt


It will make the final product anti-water and anti-wind if used with the correct fabrics


It is possible to use it with fabrics that could lose some of their proprieties if sewed in the normal way


The down feather is directly put inside the two fabrics with more precision.


The only way to affect the final customer, for every company, is to propose new things, innovations and sophisticated materials.
We do our part bringing new materials and unleashing the imagination of our customers, even offering various types of products.


We create prototypes and we study new products together with the client to achieve his target price.

A meeting, an overview of the materials and products, can do more than a thousand words written.